I’m Back Eating Lots of Vegetables

minestrone soup

There’s nothing worse than being sick with a cold and feeling it the day before your birthday. However, I have been fighting all New Year’s week long with yummy soups and sneaky marinara infused with pureed spinach. This is my high hopes keeping my kid’s immune system strong. I loved every bite of the minestrone soup I made in the crock pot overnight and ate three bowls in one day.

sneaky marinara

I had this potato soup minus the bacon and cheese when we had 19 degree weather. Yes, it was perfect for our chilly night and I took it to work the next day to work. At the beginning of the week, I made four spinach salads and by Thursday I was almost feeling myself again.

crock potato soup

My secret was a day off work of rest on Tuesday and a nap after school on Wednesday. I ate plenty of fruits and vegetables all week and one week after feeling like I was catching a cold, I’m on the mend. Yay, it’s me again and I’m back to blogging. Thanks for hanging with me.

Anyone else fought off a cold this season?

One thought on “I’m Back Eating Lots of Vegetables

  1. Brandette W.

    Oh I so know how you feel. Our son started Kindergarten this year. Since July, we have had so many colds come through our house. I am so over it!


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