How to Reheat Cream Base Soups/Potatoes


Got potato soup leftovers? Or mashed potatoes or tomato soup with a cream base? How about my cheese tortellini soup? I’ll admit I used to keep them out of my freezer because of the poor reheating results. Until now. I’ve practiced different reheating methods and I want to share my two most successful ways.

Doubler Boiler

Grab a small stock pot with a pot that fits underneath the heating pot. Place your soup, potatoes or whatever you’re reheating into the top pot. In my case, I’m reheating potato soup, thawed for 24 hours, which is partially frozen.

This is the quickest method which reheats the soup at a constant temperature or you can adjust as necessary. Give the soup a stir and check it frequently when the temperature is above medium. Also, check your water level since it is not visible. The soup remains hot set on low until you’re ready to eat.

Small Stock Pot or Pyrex inside of a crockpot filled with water

This is another method I’ve practiced when I’m away from home or we’re not eating for several hours. It heats slowly just like the normal crock pot time 2-4 hours, but the milk/cream won’t scorch since it’s not on a directing heating surface. The hot water bath helps regulate the heat causing a slower reheat.

This method is slower than stove-top, but raises the temperature hot enough for the cream/milk to re-mix, but not scorch, which is key.

Q and A

Does the microwave work?

Yes and no, it does reheat small servings, but I recommend larger portions reheated via stove or crock pot. The microwave leaves cold spots which causes the potatoes to taste grainier and less appealing.

Are the potatoes soggy after freezing?

I don’t think so, I try cut smaller pieces of potato for my baked potato soup recipe here, which I freeze leftovers. If you think so, perhaps you can try freezing a different variety of potato.

Does the type of potato make a difference? 
I most often use what’s on sale, which is russet, although red skinned potatoes and yukon gold are a softer potato which freezes exceptionally well. They cook softer, mash easier and taste delightful.

Have you frozen cream soups or mashed potatoes made with milk or cream? What’s been your experience?

3 thoughts on “How to Reheat Cream Base Soups/Potatoes

  1. Jess

    Thanks for this post! I freeze just about everything but I always waver on cream bases and potatoes. I freeze most often in Pyrex with lids and learned from trial and error the absolute importance of leaving not space between food and lid. These are great reheating ideas. I have mashed potatoes frozen that I have been wondering about, as I wasn’t sure how to reheat them. And, since we’re pre-garden season, I’m trying to clean out the freeezers. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Aushlie

    Thank you so much! This information is beyond useful! I put plenty of effort into making potato and bacon soup for the first time and my family won’t be home to enjoy it for about 5 hours! I’m sure the crock pot method will be perfect for me.

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