How to Price Match in the Midst of Blessings

IMG_2679We are blessed with new hardwood floors and we chose a total new look. We wanted to lighten up our home with a lighter color and it really made a difference. So far, we’ve been pleased with our choice.

I did some research for a new mop to dust and spray clean with and I found this one had great reviews at Wal-Mart.

I like the way it flipped on both sides and the refill pads were so reasonable compared to others I have used. The best part is the chenille side which grabs so much dust and dirt.

Image result for o'cedar dual action flip mop walmart

After price matching the online price, I paid $10.80 for this mop and bought a huge refill bottle of Bona cleaner for $12.37 which will last us all year. I just show the clerk the online price is lower than the store and she adjusts the price with manager approval.

My thirteen year-old son is obsessed with the new mop and this Momma is loving it. He has been dust mopping several times a day and I’m hoping it it will continue to be his thing;) I’m not getting paid to review this product, I just discovered it and found it handy.

I saved my old cabinet drawers for a future DIY project to come. I put up a new $1 yard sale bar with some talk-through assistance from my Dad and a power tool.

My parents visited for the night and my Mom helped me put furniture and some decor back in order. I wanted just a little organization before everything comes down off the walls for repainting this week. We had an amazing Asian Chicken Salad using grilled chicken twice!


Again, I am so grateful for insurance paying for all of this remodeling. We’re calling it our accidental remodel.

Oh, I start back to school today and I have to leave my new floors, mop and mopper for a while. I’ll have plenty of new blessings when I come back.

Have you counted your blessings this week?

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