How to Pack a Hot Lunch
















Are you looking for an alternative to cold sandwiches? Grab your leftover soup, chili or macaroni and let’s fill our kid’s bellies with nourishing food. I’ve learned through eleven years of packing lunches the easiest way to keep food in a thermos warm.

  •  Fill thermos with boiling water (use a single serve hot water system like Keurig if you have one, or boil water in the microwave)
  • Allow thermos to stand for at least five to ten minutes to heat the canister (dont’ skip this step)
  • Meanwhile, heat the leftovers in a glass measuring cup until piping hot, not lukewarm. Stir and heat an additional thirty seconds.
  • Pour water out of thermos
  • Pour reheated leftovers into thermos and close tightly


Be sure to pack other healthy items such as fruit, veggies and a whole grain sandwich if necessary. Feel free to pack a frozen 100% juice box as an ice pack and don’t forget the love lunch note. There are a variety of “free printable resources” by clicking on the category to the right.


What’s your favorite thermos lunch?

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