How to Make Back-to-School Tacos {Freezer Cooking}

Back to School TacosI scored 5 pounds of lean ground turkey for $5. It’s the little things that make this momma happy. I immediately jumped on it and prepared it for back-to-school tacos. While most parents are stocking up on school supplies, I’m stocking my freezer for the busy school year ahead. T minus two weeks for me and three weeks for my kiddos.

It was such a busy semester last year, I cleaned out my freezer completely. I didn’t have time to freezer cook or blog, sorry friends. I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things and update my blogs (cooking and teaching).

I’m always jumping into new adventures and my new one this year is my principal license. Last school year it was National Board certification and this year I’m adding another 24 hours onto my teacher duties. So, I need to woman up and start cookin’ again.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. Taco meat and lots of it. 5 batches in the freezer for those easy peasy 5-minute taco nights for hubby take his turn cooking, lol.

Here’s my best tips for freezer cooking taco meat.

  1. Purchase meat on sale
  2. Make sure you pan is large enough for several pounds of meat (I have a huge cast iron that holds 5#)
  3. Add water and use your potato masher to make finely ground meat like Taco Bell (see my tip here)
  4. Add your seasoning with your water to allow the flavors to cook with the meat. (make your own using my recipe here)
  5. Allow it to cool to room temperature before bagging.
  6. Make sure your quart bags are labeled with sharpies with contents and dates.
  7. Squeeze air out and freeze flat.

See my full post how to freezer cook taco meat here. Do you have any questions about freezer cooking? I’d love to answer them!

How are you preparing for back to school?




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