How to freeze soup/stew {without the mess}


How do you freeze chili or soup without getting it everywhere? I’m referring to the counters, you hands and perhaps the floor. Any of you been there and done that? I’m raising my hand, especially when I’m in a hurry to get it into the freezer. Here’s a friendly tip I’ve been using a while to keep the zipper seal clean.

I fold the bag inside out to cover up the seal.


The glass measuring cup holds the labeled  bag upright. The fold  keeps the seal from getting the messy contents on it while the mess goes on the inside of the bag. I also use a measuring cup to dip the cold or room temperature ingredients into the bag. A ladle will work or large spoon, but I find a measuring cup is easier to dip and pour into the bag. I squeeze out the air with the bag upright and I’m ready to freeze. I like to freeze in quart bags because they stack easily and thaw easily in my thawing box. I can fill it with cold water and thaw if I forget to thaw in the refrigerator the night before.

That’s the method to my madness. Hope you enjoyed the freezing tip.



Southwest Chili recipe


If you are wondering why my chili is so thick and orange looking, it’s because I did some sneaky cooking. I decided on a whim to add a frozen bag of butternut puree to my original recipe. I figure it’s a good way to get my kids to eat more vegetables. Do you do any sneaky cooking?

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