How to Freeze Single Serving Meals {Chicken, brown rice and broccoli}

IMG_0928When I posted a quick iphone picture of this stack of chicken casserole, I never expected such a response on my facebook page. Many of you wondered where the recipe was and got inspired  to make and freeze single servings.

crockpot chicken

So let’s talk single servings for a moment. Here are some FAQs I thought I would answer to help you on your freezer journey.

  • Why freeze single servings? Single serving freezer meals are very convenient when you are single or not. I use single servings for hot thermos meals for school lunches. Got toddlers? Single servings are great quick lunches for toddlers or adults. They make great to-go meals for office lunches/dinners. Think of these as single serving convenience meals that take of very little space if you freeze them flat in a quart size bag.
  • How do I prepare single servings?Prepare any meal you like and completely cool the entire meal. Crock pot or oven meals can sit at room temperature up to two hours, no longer. It’s best to refrigerate overnight and there will be no heat to condensate the bag.
  • How do I freeze single servings? Label your quart size freezer bag with complete heating directions before you fill. Roll down the bag slightly for easier filling, without the mess. Soups or stews bags can sit inside a 2-cup measuring glass for easier filling. Rice or potato meals can sit inside a plastic shoe box for easier filling.
  • How do I heat single servings? Reheat the contents on the stove-top, microwave oven or toaster oven until hot. This crock pot chicken, brown rice, broccoli casserole recipe reheats well in the microwave or stove-top. A tablespoon or two of water may be necessary to thin the cheese sauce and keep it from burning on the stove top.

I hope these freezer friendly tips inspire you to make an 8-serving meal and freeze single servings for quick convenience meals for your family or others. The 8 serving you see above, as well as forty other individual servings are heading to a 92-year old client I adopted last week with my new Freezer Fairy Business! That’s right, I’ve been busy for two days prepping and freezing a month’s worth of meals for an elderly lady who lives on her own. Isn’t that amazing? I feel blessed to help her keep her independence as long as possible.

How can individual freezer meals help your family or others?

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