How to Freeze Liquid in Quart Jars {TIPS}

Chickadilla Soup

Did you know you can freeze liquid in quart jars? I prefer to freeze in the wide mouth mason jars which makes it easier to pour out if the liquid is semi-frozen. It’s also easier to empty and fill, my friend :)

Here are some advantages for freezing in mason wide mouth quart jars.

  • Food can be transferred to the glass jars while warm {food must be completely cool for freezer bags}
  • You can write the contents on the lid with a sharpie
  • Glass jars are dishwasher safe, can be sterilized and reused
  • The lids and rings can be washed and use again, but not suitable for canning
  • They make a nice presentation when gifting for dinner, etc. {a ribbon can be tied around the ring or a square of fabric can cover the lid with the ring covering the fabric}
  • Glass jars are relatively inexpensive at thrift stores, garage sales or Goodwill

Here are some disadvantages:

  • They are breakable and not as mobile when rearranging frozen foods
  • They need to freeze upright and need a planned space
  • They can not be self-vacuum sealed like freezer bags
After having a few jars crack and recommendations from readers, I suggest filling your glass jar with liquid, such as soup, broth, stock, enchilada sauce, marinara, stew about 2/3 full for for freezer expansion. Place a piece of foil, wrap or wax paper on top to prevent freezer burn.  Fill your jar completely with good homemade stuff and write the contents on the lid with a sharpie marker. Goo Gone will remove the pen for the next round. Refrigerate if slightly warm. Freeze solid on a stable shelf or chest freezer recording the contents on your freezer inventory. Thaw contents overnight and empty jar into a saucepan, crock pot or microwave safe dish. You can have a homemade soup in no time without opening a can full of sodium or preservatives. Enjoy your homemade goodness on cold night and you’ll be thankful you did your freezer homework.
What homemade liquid will you fill your quart jars with?


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