How to Freeze Fresh Spinach: 2 ways

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Did you know you could freeze fresh spinach without blanching or cooking it? Yes, it’s true and I’m going to show you how I triple washed two batches of spinach for our April mission meal and froze about 12 cups of spinach for future “cooked” meals.

I begin with the freshly picked spinach. My daughter and I cut quite a bit from our local non-profit garden, called the Lord’s Acre, in our community. This garden provides organic produce to the poor and needy in the community. They also offer garden and food-skills training to all ages. Guess how MOAM is going to help with this mission? This summer, I’m sharing ways to preserve this gorgeous food that’s growing and ways to cook delicious food right beside the garden. Doesn’t this sound intriguing and fun? Click here to read more about this community garden and perhaps if you have a green thumb and love gardening or have your own abundant garden you can gather ideas for helping the poor and the needy.

I used about 12 fresh cups for this fabulous strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed dressing. Click here for the recipe. This was part of our April mission meal served by 4-year-old children. Read about here.


After I pinched off the large stems from the collection box above, I submerged it in a sink full of water. Then I dunked, swirled and dunked some more to remove debris and bugs. I did this three times to ensure cleanliness. By the time I had swirled it in the water, it pretty much torn itself into bite-size pieces and I was ready to spin the excess water off with the salad spinner. Likewise, spinach can be placed on a large bath towel on your counter to dry.

The rest of the spinach was placed in quart size freezer bags in 2-cup portions. Large pieces of spinach can be cut with kitchen shears or run a chef knife through it before cooking.


Spinach can also be pureed with some water in a blender. Add just enough water to get the blender going. This is a great way to boost nutrition in soups, sauces and cooked meatballs, meatloaves or burgers. It’s sneaky nutrition for picky eaters. Freeze the puree in snack size bags squeezing the air out or ice cubes trays or baby food containers. View my pesto tutorial here to see frozen purees.

 This fresh spinach makes awesome recipes:

Thaw the spinach in a plastic shoe box overnight in the refrigerator and use just like store-bought spinach in your favorite cooked recipes.


  • Preserves fresh spinach from going bad
  • Freeze an over abundance from your garden
  • Creatively sneak in extra nutrition for your picky eaters
  • Enjoy freshly picked spinach (with more nutrients) when it’s out of season
I hope this post inspires you to take advantage of sales, buy in bulk, bite off more than you can chew at your local farmer’s market (knowing you can freeze it) and give to others because you’ll have plenty if you stock your freezer.
What’s your favorite fresh vegetable? Have you considered freezing it?
Check out the recipe index for other freezing vegetable tutorials.

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22 thoughts on “How to Freeze Fresh Spinach: 2 ways

  1. Mindy @ The Purposed Heart

    Jackie, I love what you are doing to help out in your community. That is awesome

      1. Donna W

        Is it safe to use the frozen spinach in smoothies? All your comments in the instructions for freezing pointed to it being frozen for use in cooking, leading me to believe it needed to be cooked for safe use.

        1. admin

          It’s absolutely safe, but it’s very concentrated since it’s pureed so very little would be needed. Perhaps freezing it in ice cube trays and test run how much green you like starting at 1/2 cube and going from there. Think of smoothies with spinach and a handful or cupful in a smoothie and then think of how much spinach you’re adding with a cube. Hope this helps, blessings.

  2. Trisha

    thanks for the tips! I googled how to freeze fresh spinach and found this info very helpful! my daughter loves fresh spinach in her smoothies so I buy it in bulk from Costco but sometimes we can’t get through a whole bag in time. gonna freeze my extras!

  3. mom2westnoahseth

    Wow. I love your site and the info on it. I am definitely bookmarking this page. I think its awesome what you are doing for your family and community. You are an inspiration. May God bless you.

    1. admin

      I just put another batch of frozen spinach in my taco meat. It’s useful in so many ways.

  4. Rob Nicholas

    Good to see someone knows the value of raw vegetables – I can’t believe so many sites are still telling people to boil vegetables – ugh – such a loss of nutrition

    1. admin

      I love fresh as much as possible. I’m posting a new spinach tortilla recipe later this week, which uses raw spinach in the dough

  5. leanne

    I came across your blog as I was searching around for ways to freeze spinach. I just picked a ton of it from our greenhouse! I didn’t even think about pureeing it, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl

    Thank you! You are going to be saving me about 20 cups of spinach.. I need a bigger freezer!

    1. admin

      Woot! Love saving our real food for those winter months when nothing is in season. Enjoy all the ways you can incorporate spinach!

    1. admin

      Holly, I hope you found this info useful. It doesn’t have to be blanched if you are using it in cooked recipes or smoothies. I usually puree it to freeze. Blessings.

  7. Debbie Payton

    Can I freeze raw spinach to use in a spinach salad or does it have to be in a smoothie, soup, etc? I love raw spinach salads.

    1. Laurie

      Spinach will have a different texture after freezing, so it won’t work for fresh salads.

      I love the idea of pureeing and tossing it into other recipes.

  8. Sue hackman

    I googled can I freeze spinach and got on to your page momonamission…..thnx for putting me clear on the fact that I can freeze it…well done on the community garden….I live in Cardiff South Wales ….on the outskirts a little place named St Mellons……we also have a community garden but the people who were there from the start are very covetous over who gets what ….that’s fine by me I don’t need a lot…..anyway in a way it’s their ‘baby’ ……

    Godbless big hug Sue xx

    1. admin

      Sue, that’s awesome. Thank you for sharing. Hugs back and blessings on your Thanksgiving.


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