How to freeze fresh collard greens

Wow, these organic collard greens are huge. How will I fit them into my stockpot?

I begin by chopping off the stem and cutting them into bite size pieces.

I wash and blanch them in boiling water for about three minutes.

Next I  drain and  submerge them  in an ice bath.

Then I allow them to sit in a colander for a long while to completely drain the excess water.

Now aint’ these purty? I had to say that since I’m from the South, but if you know me personally (I’m Asian), it doesn’t sound right coming from my mouth.The chopped collards are packed into a labeled quart size freezer bag.

Summer bounty becomes a meal later.  I’m looking forward to making a white bean and kale soup in the fall.

Are you freezing any of your fresh fruits and vegetables for the future? 

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