How to Freeze Chicken Broth

Do you want to know how I efficiently freeze a batch of homemade broth after I’ve made my favorite boiled chicken recipe? Learn how to quickly shred chicken with your Kitchen Aid mixer here. I call this “free broth” because it’s easily made along side the chicken by throwing in a handful of vegetables. It makes a fantastic, flavorful broth that I use in homemade chicken noodle soup (I freeze with vegetables for this soup) and enchilada sauce and other soups like my cheese tortellini. It’s great to use while freezer cooking rice. We all have our favorite ways of using chicken broth.

I like to protect my broth in freezer bags, though I’ve frozen them in ice cube trays before and then popped into a freezer bag. I’m not good about squeezing the air out completely when I’m using up the cubes and I end up with some freezer burn.

Over the years, I’m stuck to this tried and true method. I use a 1-cup measuring spoon to dip the broth from my salad spinner. What? Read about my handy trick here. The labeled quart freezer bag is supported by a 2-cup liquid measuring glass.

I carefully sit the bottom of the bag on a level surface and squeeze the air out, while sealing the zipper.

I check to see if there is a large air bubble when I lay it on its side. I might redo this step above if needed.

If not, I double check my seal for closure and stack the bags on top of another to freeze. I place mine on a plastic shoe box lid or inside a plastic shoebox and place in my reserved area of my freezer. This is the spot where I freeze items for 24 hours and then move to my deep freezer.

Once the broth is frozen solid, I can stow anywhere and I do mean anywhere in my over stuffed freezer. When I’m ready to use the broth in a recipe, I thaw for 24 hours inside the plastic shoe box in my fridge. See, this box comes in handy. I even use one for 5-minute no knead bread!

I use this freezing method for all liquids. How do you freeze chicken broth?


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  1. BarbC

    I have made “homemade” chicken broth for years. I cook chicken in my crockpot with lots of herbs and veggies. Shred the chicken for soups, casseroles, salad etc. and save the broth for various use. One thing I love to do is freeze some broth in ice cube trays. Once frozen, I pop the cubes out and place in a freezer bag. I can grab a cube or few when needed while cooking… to saute veggies.. add to sauce etc.

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