How to Freeze Canned Tomatoes {#10 Can}

In case you didn’t know a #10 can is typically used by restaurants and hotels or larger families. It holds more than 100 ounces or 6-7 pounds, but most would bypass a large size assuming it’s too much for a small family.

However, utilizing a different mind-set and your freezer as a resource, a #10 can works for a small family, too.

For example, this #10 can of diced tomatoes is priced $3.28 in NC at Sams wholesale. This is equivalent to six regular size cans. A brand-name standard size can typically costs .99. Six cans at .99 is $5.94. By purchasing this larger size, you’re saving almost $3.

Most grocery chains stock #10 cans on the lower shelves with vegetables. Many times you can find, corn, tomatoes and beans. Regularly eaten vegetables or beans can increase your savings. Rinsing vegetables and beans reduces sodium by 40% ( Wholesale stores stock a wider variety of #10 cans, as well as overstocked and discount stores, like Go Grocery, Big Lots, Dickies and Amazing Savings in our area. Look for further reduced prices in these chains.

How DO you use a #10 can?

  1. Open it up with a standard can opener
  2. Measure out two cups with some liquid (which is approximate to one standard 14 oz. can)

  1. Use two cups in your favorite recipes calling for one standard can.
  2. Freeze the remainder in quart size bags as 2-cup portions (standard can size) for future recipes.
5. Gently squeeze air out and freeze flat.
6. Add this item to a freezer inventory
7. Thaw bags in a plastic shoe box in the refrigerator to catch condensation
8. Or cut the zipper top off and slice straight down the middle and drop into soups, stews or crock pot recipes


I like to drop frozen bags of black bean, corn, diced tomatoes and cooked seasoned taco meat to make easy Southwest chili on a chilly fall day like today.

Do you save money buying in bulk?


3 thoughts on “How to Freeze Canned Tomatoes {#10 Can}

  1. Sheila

    Thank you so much for this tip! Most of our children are grown up and out of the house. It never occurred to me to buy the large cans and freeze the rest!

  2. B. Winblad

    Wow, wonderful post! I have bought the 10# cans of crushed tomatoes at Sam’s to make Crockpot Marinara but have never ever thought about buying big cans of say kernel corn or even diced tomatoes. Brilliant idea!

  3. Teri Lando

    I always start with good intentions with canning and then the stuff just sits in the basement for years. I convince my self that I didn’t can it right or there is an air leak and that I’m going to die a slow death if I eat a jar of tomatoes. I must have 10 jars of Pick-a-lily sitting on my shelf. Does this make sense?


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