How to Freeze Biscuits {World’s Easiest Sour Cream Biscuits}



I apologize for my lack of posts last week, but teaching Foods classes all day keeps a girl busy. I was introducing biscuits with my high school students. I demonstrated the first day and let them fly solo on the second day. You’re welcome to follow along on our new class blog, Cougar Kitchen.

Following our theme of biscuits, I decided to repost the freezer friendly biscuits I make for our family. The World’s Easiest Sour Cream will amaze you with only three  ingredients.

Then there’s my healthier version with white whole wheat flour. I typically make a large pan and freeze half the baked ones for another meal. My husband loves having fresh biscuits with Sourwood honey.

Freezing Tips:

  1. Allow biscuits to completely cool on a wire rack.
  2. Label and date freezer bag.
  3. Place them in a bag and squeeze air out completely or DIY vacuum seal.

healthier biscuitsI can’t say we eat a ton of biscuits around here, but I can say I’ve seen a ton of biscuits this week with thirty students baking biscuits for two days.

Enjoy making biscuits if you haven’t made any in a while. I’ve had my share for a while :)

Have you ever thought of freezing your biscuits?


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