How to Feed 40 on a Budget

IMG_6283Our monthly mission meal always involves freezer cooking and this one is no exception. Last month, I received about two bushels of sweet potatoes and I baked two racks at a time for an hour. I let them cool until the skins would easily slip off. Then I cooled them longer until room temperature and refrigerated several gallon bags. It took a few days to thaw the sweet potatoes and spiral ham that were donated, but it was worth it.

The women at the homeless shelter were thrilled to have a homemade meal. I utilized the salad ingredients on hand in their kitchen and whipped up a garden salad alongside the sweet potatoes and easy sour cream biscuit recipe. If you haven’t tried the World’s Easiest Sour Cream Biscuit Recipe, you need to give it a try. It’s so easy with kids, my five-year-old helped. I made three batches for forty women and children.


Though we had one spiral ham donated, I planned to serve ham biscuits to stretch the meat out further and it worked perfectly.


Every time I serve, I feel God’s love surrounding these women and children. They were coming back for thirds and raving over the biscuits. It’s a pleasure to take a two hours out of my busy schedule each month to help God’s people.


May our mission meals inspire you to serve others as well.


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