How to Extend Slow Cooking or Crocking Time {Freezer Crock Pot Meals}

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Have you experienced the ease of a freezer crock pot meal? It’s quite the rage on Pinterest to prep a complete meal and crocking day consists of opening, pouring and pressing start. Wouldn’t we all like that easy task every day?

crock pot bulgogi

I can’t tell you how many meals I’ve made like this to benefit my family’s busy schedule. Typically I thaw overnight in my thawing box, but on some occassions I need a longer crocking time because we’re arriving home later than usual. In that case, I know I can crock a frozen meal like this Korean Bulgogi and still have great results with the 6  following tips:

1.Freeze in an upright position instead of flat, trying not to have lots of wrinkles.

2. Cut the zipper top off and straight down vertically.

3. Peel away plastic from the meat/poultry and marinade and drop into the crock pot, set the timer for an additional 2 hours on the normal cooking time.

4. Leave the meat or poultry in a whole piece(s) and don’t cut or shred until serving time. Smaller pieces of stew meat or chicken tenderloins/cutlets cook faster.

Plan rice or noodles you have doubled on a different evening and froze {how to freeze rice or pasta}. Be sure to thaw the night before in your thawing box and tonight it’s a snap to microwave the rice/noodles in the microwave for 5-7 minutes on 70% power. Have a salad/fresh fruit prepped in the refrigerator ready to serve.


And that’s how I’m able to have a healthy, whole foods crock pot meal on the table within 5ish minutes when we arrive home. I plan crock pot meals for our busy game/practice nights.

crock pot bulgogi

Do you have timely tips to share?



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  1. Lisa @ CheapThrillsInOmaha

    I like to use the bucket method (link above). While manufacturers disclaim using frozen foods in the units, I occasionally do, too, and find it very useful. Be sure to set the cooker to LOW if you’re starting from frozen (especially since newer cookers run hotter than older ones).

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