How To Cut An Avocado

I’ve fallen in love with avacados. I started eating them on sandwiches, wraps and tossed with pico de gallo about two years ago. I also give them to my babies and toddlers.

They are super healthy, rich in Vitamen E and help maintain your overall health. They are also shown to prevent cancer so this is good since everything else is shown to promote cancer.

They can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never eaten on a regular basis and that is why I did a little research years ago and learned the best way to get the soft interior out.

First choose an avacado which is slightly soft when you squeeze it. You don’t want it to be mushy, but have a slight give. A lot of stores will have a “ripe” sticker on it. When they are on sale for less than a $1, I will be several, but look for ones not as ripe to store in the fridge for later. I purchase 4-5 when they go on sale .69 at Aldi.

I slice a soft avacado in half with a large knife and then I pull the two halves a part. In order to get the pit out quickly, I stick the knife blade into the pit. This is why you need a large knife. Give it a small whack to get the blade to stick in the pit (I forgot the picture). Then once the knife is stuck, turn it to the left or right and the it will come right out. Voila, it’s so easy and the flesh is still pretty.

Next, cut your lengthwise slices right inside the skin (just be careful not to cut yourself or the couter). The flesh is soft so you won’t need to press hard. If you want cubes, cut again horizontally.

Use a small spoon to go along the outer skin scooping out the slices or the cubes.

I like to use slices on my sandwiches and wraps. I use the cubes in pico de gallo or Mexican soups or casseroles.

Have you ever sliced an avacado this way? It works like a charm, no fancy gadgets required.

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