How to Bake Four Bread Loaves At Once

First and foremost, I do not bake one loaf at a time. If I’m going to pre-heat my oven to a piping 450 degrees, I maximize all my space. Though we don’t eat all four loaves at once, I do allow them to cool on a wire rack completely and then freeze.

Freezing Tips:

  • Cool Completely
  • Wrap in Foil
  • Stow in a gallon size bag (re-use it again and again)
  • Date foil/bags if you bake frequently

I’ve had a convection oven in a former house and now I have a basic oven and still get the same great results.

Baking Tips

  • Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees and don’t open until done. Use a thermometer or tap the bread for a hollow sound
  • Write down your baking time for the next time you bake (you may decide to add more or deduct time based on your oven and altitude)
  • Use parchment paper if you don’t have enough baking stones/pans
  • Stones work the best for authentic crusty bread

Click here for the bread like Carrabbas and here for the olive oil dipping sauce we enjoy with it. The bread recipe mixed in a shoe box yields four yummy loaves. No kidding.

Do you make bread by the bounty?


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