How to add frozen ingredients to soup: Tortellini Soup

I posted this easy, yet hearty tortellini soup last winter and here it is fall with a slight nip in the air, perfect to pull out this recipe again. However, this time as I’ve been cooking and freezing more frequently, I’m armed and ready to show you more of my best freezer cooking tips. This one is quite fun, because it makes you feel almost like Laura Ingles Wilder on Little House on the Prarrie (some of you know what I’m referring to.

When I’m ready to add the chicken broth for the soup, instead of reaching in my pantry I reach into my freezer. It may sound a little strange if you’ve never made crock pot chicken or boiled chicken and made your own broth, but it’s definitely worth it. I consider it FREE broth when I have a whole chicken or several pounds of boneless chicken to cook. I have two recipes I use below:

Hopefully, you’ve done your homework or freezer work in advance and you’re not attempting all of this cooking on the same day.


In goes the frozen broth after I’ve sliced open the zipper top and cut the quart bag right down the middle. It slides right into the stock pot or crock pot and it defrosts and melts in the soup. So don’t be in too much of a hurry. Throw a lid on top and warm on medium- low or use it in your crock pot on low or high and add your other ingredients as well.

This works for frozen diced tomatoes bought in bulk and divided into 2-cup portions as well. I’m using my bulk freezer crock pot marinara found here.


Can you believe these frozen ingredients result in a wonderful freezer-friendly fall soup? Click here for the tortellini soup from my archives.

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