How I Teach the Real World to my Children


It’s been a tradition in the Brown family to serve our community during the summer. I choose different places and schedule our family to work once a week. Some years we have gone to the homeless shelter,  Lord’s Acre and last year we cooked and served at our local Welcome Table. This summer I’ve been taking my four children to Manna Food Bank on Mondays. It’s been an eye-opening experience sorting through rotten potatoes and bagging them. My kiddos couldn’t believe why people would eat them. It was a chance to talk about our local hunger and how were helping.


The younger kids enjoyed sorting and packing for the school snack packs over potatoes. I guess you can imagine why. Sorting smelly, slimy potatoes or dry packages of oatmeal and granola bars and fruit cups. It was a no brainer for them. They eagerly jumped on the opportunity to sort breakfast for kids their age. So here was another three hours to talk about the importance of breakfast, helping children their age and bonding over green jello fruit cups. It can’t get better than that!


I’m always grateful how God is able to help me help others. Serving inmy community is such a blessing to me! Because my husband and I are both teachers, summer is the best time for us to serve on a regular rotation. We’ve met new faces, heard wonderful stories and shared our testimonies with others. Plus my kids have a blast.

My son met this elder woman who fell in love with his personality. The second day of serving together she calls him her boyfriend. He turns to me and says, “I’m waaaay to young to be her boyfriend, seriously!”

Priceless memories of serving others! My seven year-old looks at the green jello cup and says, “They actually eat this stuff?”

It’s my quest to share the real world experiences with my family. Since I overcame poverty in Korea, I want to help others and give back to my community. Serving keeps me humble in so many countless ways.

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I’d love to hear your serving stories. Please share them in the comments below. Let us encourage one another to reach out to the poor and hungry and teach our children about the real world.

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