How I Earned $50 for FREE


Another snow day is here and the Internet is sketchy so I thought I’d share how I earned a $50.39 check by virtually clicking once on this link, typing the store I am purchasing from and BAM! just like cooking I get a bonus. Over Christmas, I made three Internet purchases and today was my freebie day. I received my free $50 check from Ebates and it was so easy.

The hardest part is sharing this news because my Internet is intermittently working and driving me crazy! It’s taking me longer to type this post than it took me to search on ebates.

My nugget of wisdom is to check out ebates and sign-up,  search the store you’re buying from, which is likely there. Wal-mart, Target, Amazon, Nike, Ulta and so many smaller stores you wouldn’t think of. Make your regular purchase and BAM!, a couple months later, you just might have earned FREE money like me! Okay, so I get excited about $50 I didn’t have to sweat over, run around town for, wake up at the crack of dawn or clip coupons. Some things just make this frugal freezer cooking mom of four feel blessed and this is one of them.

Join me on earning a little cha-ching back in your wallet, if you care. I’m just sharing. Have a blessed snowy week, if you’re getting any.

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