How do I freeze food?

FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum-Packaging System

Believe it or not, I have a foodsaver, but I don’t use it to freeze food? Why would I not use this nice expensive machine to preserve my food? I have several reasons. It’s more time consuming than using an ordinary freezer bag. It costs more. The plastic film is costly, though it could be washed and re-used for various items like breads. Washing the bags are time consuming. We use most of our food within six weeks, so freezer burn is not an issue with our family.

I recently purchased local meat and all the meat was individually vacuumed sealed. This was a nice feature because I can take my time consuming it without worrying about freezer burn. My plan is to thaw the meat in bulk and cook and freeze for items like taco meat, seasoned hamburgers , meatballs, and Asian Honey Sesame marinade for stir-fry beef.

I use ordinary ziploc quart size freezer bags for most items because they thaw quicker in the fridge or cold water. I like the way they stack in my freezer. They can stand upright in a large measuring glass cup while I fill them with marinades. They are inexpensive enough to throw away.

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I often use gallon size bags, not necessarily brand name, for freezing breads, pancakes, muffins and waffles. I do re-use these bags because they do not contain raw meat or juices. I place them on the side of my freezer when I’m not using them and grab them for re-use when I’m freezing breads again. This is beneficial to my pocketbook.

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I freeze casseroles in 9×13 aluminum pans covered in heavy duty aluminum or double wrapped in regular aluminum. I stick a thin chopping board or small cooling wrack (dollar store kind) between the pans while freezing until solid to keep from collapsing. Then I remove. I purchase a 30 count package at Sams for 6.28, which is a great value. I keep these on hand for my personal freezing, give away and church ministry use.


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