Homemade YoCrunch Yogurt to go

Who says you can’t make your own YoCrunch yogurts from home? My daughter used to beg me for the dollar cups of yogurt with the special treats packaged on top. I would pack them on a special field trip and make her day.
















Now I can make everyday special with homemade crock pot yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and homemade granola. I like to make or buy a large container of yogurt and portion smaller servings to save money. Plus I’m able to personalize her yogurt any way she likes.

Try these yogurt sides:

  • all fruit jam or low-sugar jam
  • crumbled homemade cookies
  • frozen mixed fruit
  • mini-chocolate chips or M & Ms
  • dried fruit
Be sure to add an ice pack or better yet, a frozen juice box to keep the container cool.
I often pack a whole grain muffin or sandwich with this yogurt treat.
Make your child’s lunch even more special by packing a lunch note. Print off a stack from the free printable resources on the right side.
Trunk or treating is just around the corner. Why not save those snack candy bars for homemade Yocrunch? Hey, at least you’re giving them healthy yogurt with it.
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What’s your child’s favorite surprise lunch box treat?


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