Homemade YoBaby Yogurt

Do you want to know how I’m saving $40 a month? I save at least $10 per week making my own homemade crock pot yogurt, Yocrunch for my tween and Yobaby for my baby.


Here’s how I make homemade YoBaby. I combine a homemade vegetable puree, like butternut or pumpkin and fruit puree, like applesauce to homemade whole milk yogurt. I’ve cooked, pureed and frozen in small portions ahead of time. They are thawed and ready to mix in yogurt, soups and breads throughout the week (I call it sneaky cooking).

Did you know a large container of commercial yogurt and store-bought baby food food would save you money, too?

Here are the store-bought varieties to try copying at home:

  • simply plain
  • banana
  • vanilla
  • peach
  • blueberry
  • apple and sweet potato
  • pear and green beans
  • peach and squash

Here’s a content baby after my home version of YoBaby with homemade granola.


 Have you thought of making your own yogurt products to save yourself money? This is linked to We are That Family and Tasty Tuesday 




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