Homemade Sandwich Thins


Have you heard the rage? Everyone’s eating sandwich thins or bagel thins because there is less bread and they are lower in calories. Well, I’m still hooked on making this 100% white whole wheat dough. In fact, I’m on my third batch this week :0 Did I just say that? I’m really not eating all this bread. I’m baking it, giving it away and freezing some. I’m having fun experimenting with it.

Today I made sandwich thins, like the ones Arnold or Thomas brand makes and it was SOOOO easy. I just estimated about a tangerine size of dough, mashed it flat, stretching if necessary to make an approximate round size of a sandwich thin and I let the dough set out for about thirty minutes.

0306011301.jpg  0306011332.jpg 

I brushed these with water and sprinkled with rolled oats or flaxseed meal. Then I docked the top with the blunt end of a chop stick about six times.

I baked these beauties at 450 for 15 minutes. I’m going to be baking homemade sandwich thins for the rest of my life. It’s healthy, it’s frugal and it’s easy. It’s met all my requirements:)

0308011732a.jpg Just perfect for a seasoned hamburger thawed from the freezer.

Refer to this dough recipe to make these plus, homemade sub roll/hotdog buns, calzones, Artisan bread, cinnamon rolls and still trying other things-see why I’m on my third batch this week?

Have you tried store bought sandwich thins? Give this recipe a try!

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