Homemade Lunchables



Our two oldest pack their own lunch and we help our youngest ones pack a nutritious lunch. I’m not always able to make homemade food since I’ve gone back to teaching, but I try  my hardest to make it fun when I have time. I often make a homemade version of a turkey, cheese cracker lunchable and this satisfies them.

My goal each weekend is to at least make one homemade item for the lunch boxes. This week it was brownies. Last week my oldest son made rice crispy treats. The week before I made no-bake granola bars.

My rotation list often includes:

  • homemade muffins
  • homemade granola bars
  • homemade pizza calzones
  • homemade pizza lunchable

It varies upon how much time I have on weekends, but I don’t beat myself up for not having everything homemade.

On the positive side, we eat dinner together nearly every night and the meals are made from home :)

Do you make homemade lunchables? What are your ideas?

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