Homemade Double Layer Ice Cream Cake {Mint Chocolate Chip}

Have you ever priced a two-layer ice cream cake? I found one at my local Food Lion for $30. Ouch, I’ve been making 9×13 ice cream cakes for years and this year I attempted to make it a little fancier for my daughter’s 12th birthday party.

I baked two 8-inch rounds using this chocolate cake recipe. The cakes were cooled on a cooling rack and then frozen until solid. It takes a couple of hours.

Then I softened the ice cream (yes, I cheated) in the microwave for one minute at 30% power. Keep a close eye on your cheating if you do what I do. All microwaves vary. Make sure you decrease your power level. I spread the ice cream on the first cake and put the frozen cake on top.

You have to work quickly. The ice cream is piled on the second cake.

I freeze this about an hour until set and make the whipped topping. It’s frosted and decorated with grated chocolate. Feel free to use whatever you have on hand to decorate. The cake is best when it’s frozen solid (which I did overnight) and then I allow it to set outside the freezer for thirty minutes before serving. Okay, it’s time consuming freezing the layers, but the amazing mint ice cream in the middle is worth it. Even if you don’t want to attempt the two layer cake, I highly recommend trying the sheet cake. It’s totally worth saving money and telling your kids you made it. Your guests will be amazed. I served 29 people with this two layer cake and a sheet cake! I saved a lot of money.

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