Homemade Cookie Ice cream Sandwiches

ice cream cookie sandwichesHere’s a new way to enjoy chewy Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies. Click here for the recipe. Let me remind you I make these in a healthy way using white whole wheat flour and raw sugar. They stay chewy after baked and then I sandwich REAL vanilla ice cream between two. We like Breyers real vanilla with the vanilla specks you can see and taste. I’m warnin’ you though. These can be addictive. Enjoy.

They can be made ahead of time with softened ice cream (let stand for about five minutes or until soft enough to scoop and mash between two homemade cookies). Then package them in an air tight container or freezer bag.

Wouldn’t these be divine on a hot day? Well, we’re enjoying them on a cold day and they still taste out of this world. Try it.


What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Try sandwiching ice cream between two of them.  

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