Homemade Chicken Pot Pie {visit my other blog}


My Foods 1 students have been busy creating festive pie crusts. Visit my other blog for the delicious, super easy flaky crust and frugal ways to create pies for a crowd. I made two whole chickens for 32 students and divided it into 1-cup portions, as well as making homemade broth to cut down on costs. I made the chicken and broth a week ahead of time during a teacher work day and froze it over the weekend. I’d say these pies were a delicious hit.

They can also be frozen unbaked. This would work for leftover turkey too. I’m thinking we may be doing this again after our Thanksgiving dinner at school. I may freeze the leftovers for turkey pot pies after the school break. Hooray for freezer cooking!

I’m especially proud of my student’s first attempt of making homemade crust made with oil and milk, not the classic butter and ice water. This was an easy to roll, flaky pie crust.

Click here to check out how we made eight frugal pies, creating them with leaf cut-outs and more!


Have you made a healthy, homemade chicken pot pie lately?



3 thoughts on “Homemade Chicken Pot Pie {visit my other blog}

  1. deb in sc

    I keep clicking on the link to see the pot pie recipe, and it takes me to Cougar Kitchen, but it is just a big, blank page?

  2. deb in sc

    I DO keep clicking on the hyperlink in the last sentence….and it takes my to Cougar Kitchen….but it just shows a big blank page. Could you perhaps send me the entire HTTP address and I could paste that into my bowser? It could be my computer, I have VISTA loaded…if so, I will be very disappointed…my goal this year is to make a good chicken pot pie and your top crust was AWESOME!

  3. deb in sc

    THANK YOU so much for sticking with me…I had an old browser that wasn’t working correctly….it was worth it to keep trying….your pies look just INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait to try that type of crust effect on top!


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