Homemade Chicken Gyros

chicken gyro
Once I mastered homemade naan or flat bread, I moved onto bigger and better combinations like this chicken gyro. This has become a family favorite, especially when we camp.

I’ve mentioned before how I like to cook and bake in bulk. I typically have several frozen flat breads ready to go for this recipe. I’ve thawed them in advance for the base of this chicken entree.

On cooking day, I either grill or pan saute the chicken until done. Does this look like frozen chicken to you? It’s mouthwatering with Italian spices infused as it’s thawing. I prep it in advance with the recipe here.

Then I top my homemade flat bread with the chicken, salad greens and homemade dressing. Click here for the flat bread recipe I make in a shoe box in 5 minutes and makes up to thirteen which I freeze.This popular recipe was featured in our Carolina Kitchen News segment here. Think gyros and pizza on your menu plan.

Here’s shortcuts you can make when trying this recipe.

  • Go store-bought on the pita or flat bread/naan. Look for a soft, fresh whole wheat version.
  • Use bagged salad greens or make your own Greek salad (we like spinach, cucumbers, black olives,tomatoes and Parmesan/mozzarella cheese)
  • Purchase store-bought Greek dressing or make my homemade version here.
  • Pile it high and eat like a salad or roll up and eat like a gyro.

Enjoy! What’s your favorite gyro?

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