Homemade Birthday Cookie Cake

Cookie cakeI interrupt my crazy, busy week to make son’s homemade birthday cookie cake. It’s his favorite nearly all of his seven years of life :)

I came home right after school to make two homemade pizzas and his favorite cookie cake. We didn’t do a theme, since we’re not having a huge party. We normally celebrate with our immediate family on non-monumental birthdays since there’s so many of us. We’ll typically invite my parents or my husbands for dinner and celebrate with a homemade cake. Since our daughter’s fifth birthday is coming up, we’re keeping this one low key.

One cookie cake and two pizza pies later, I had to run back to school to meet and greet parents for open house. My high school daughter’s open house is in two days. This is why I freezer cook!!! It’s an insane schedule, but I love it.




You can find this easy, frugal recipe here.


And look how he’s changed in three years. Precious with front teeth and now without.

caleb4Do you celebrate birthdays with homemade cakes?


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