Homemade Pure Applesauce


Homemade applesauce over a scratch made biscuit. A breakfast calling your name. It gets everyone rolling out of the bed at our house. Want to know the simple way to make healthy, no sugar added applesauce? Peel and core several apples with an handy gadget like the apple corer slicer gizmo I use for my healthy apple crisp. I like to peel about eight or more if I have a good supply. I can always freeze any extra. Yeah right, we have no extra when homemade biscuits are lying around.

If you use a sweet apple like Gayla or Honey crisp or Rome, no sugar is necessary. I like to use what’s on sale and in season. Gayla apples happen to be in season in North Carolina and they won’t be here for long. I’ve bought Ginger Gold as well. I like to buy Rome apples later in the fall. Now wait till you see how big they are from the Farmer’s Market. I can use four and make a huge pot of apple sauce. They tend to have more water content and I add very little water. I add about an inch of water on the bottom of the apples I peeled above. I slice them in half or leave whole and cover and simmer on medium low for about fifteen or twenty minutes or until fork tender. Give them a stir every now and then and make sure I have enough water. They apples will start to break down and they should break apart into a chunkier applesauce once they become tender. I stir them with a fork and the end result is applesauce you can’t buy in a store. Simple, pure, wholesome, easy applesauce. I add a pat of butter for flavor, totally optional.


Other add ins include:

  • raisins/cranraisins
  • cinnamon/sugar
  • raw sugar for tart apples
  • granola
  • maple syrup
Freeze It: Cool completely and place in labeled quart size bags. Squeeze air out and freeze flat.
Reheat It: Thaw 24 hours and reheat in microwave on 70% power or stove top on medium-low heat.
How do you eat your applesauce?


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