Holey Clothes


I am dusting with my preteen daughter’s favorite yoga pants and she is fuming. She delivered them to me with a hole in the seat. I knew a hole, not in the seam, would not sew well so I immediately cut them into useful scraps. She was horrified when she heard the sound of shears rather than the sweet hum of my sewing machine.

After a sewing tutorial on seams, I managed to reassure her with the thought, nothing lasts forever. She got her use out of the pants and they were replaceable.  I immediately thought of God’s Word. The Bible says nothing lasts forever. Even flowers wilt and the grass dies, but only the Word of God stands true forever.

Sometimes our favorite pants, shirt or magazine, television show, blog, hobby or sport can come before God. We start to idolize our favorites, meaning we spend more time with them than we do in God’s Word. We find ourselves thinking about them more often than God. Next, we’re showing more emotion over them verses God.

Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21). Have we put too much stock into things of this world instead of eternity? Nothing lasts forever. No man-made object or hobby. Even our own children one day will go on to be with the Lord. Keeping this in mind, shouldn’t we pause and ask ourselves, “Are we spending more time with things of this earth rather than eternal items, such as God’s Word?” Stop and give thanks for God’s Word, which lasts an eternity.

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