Here’s What We’ve Been Doing

IMG_1607I have not gone missing for two weeks. I’ve just been super busy and haven’t taken time to update my blog and I apologize. It’s been hectic at school and I’m trying to balance home life first. I carved out time during the week to make gingerbread with my children, which is a good thing.

IMG_1605 (1)We made the Taste of Home dough the night before and rolled them out the next night. They are very tasty.

IMG_1606We all got into a little decorating.

IMG_1601I’ve been online shopping and finally have all my children’s done. Woo hoo! I always go through TopCashBack first to get a little extra bonus for all my hard research. It’s like a little bonus for free if you haven’t done it before. So easy to click through to get a very small percentage in your account, but it builds up; trust me.




IMG_1597I’ve made 96 butterhorns twice in two weeks. Once for my family gathering and another for my husband’s family gathering. And remember we made 200 when my foods class made the Thanksgiving meal for 108. I’m becoming an expert.

IMG_1608I’ve made homemade pizza twice. My kiddos could eat it every day.

How is your Christmas shopping or cooking coming along?








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