Here’s What I added to my Freezer


I love having black beans on hand that cost pennies per bag. My favorite way to make black beans for the freezer is to crock pot a 2 pound bag all day. We eat the black beans with dinner and then I allow the rest to cool. I’ll leave the lid off for about an hour and give it a good stir every now and then to release more heat. Alternatively, I could put the crockpot liner in an ice bath if I want to cool them in a hurry.

Once they’re cool enough for a freezer bag. I have it labeled and ready to go. These beans will be used next week for taco soup. Yummo for fall weather.

IMG_4756 (1)I made some delicious pitas for dinner and we had leftover chicken for salads the next day. I love salads of all kinds. I happen to add feta, cranberries and pecans to this chicken salad. It was so delicious for a school lunch.

IMG_4753One night this week I made a double batch of One night this week I made a double batch of white whole wheat pancakes. My 7-year-old likes them so much she took pancakes for lunch the next day. I was feeling ambitious and added blueberries for mom and dad, chocolate chips for my daughter and plain ones for the rest of the crew. After they cooled on cooling racks, I bagged them up for the freezer. Here’s an another easy breakfast for dinner night where we’ll add scrambled or fried eggs and fruit and dinner’s complete.


My oldest son got accepted into Early College unexpectedly and started Monday. We were thrilled for this opportunity and so was he.

It’s been a productive week working on my graduate studies and trying to pace myself, reading and writing a little each night. I balanced family, work and made it to the gym a few times this week. I’m feeling blessed.

How was your week? Have you done any freezer cooking?

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