Packaging Ministry Meals

We’ve all had a crisis in our family at some time and we’ve needed help. Mom on a mission is partnering with BBC (our local church) to help a family who needs help. A mom with four children under the age of 8 (one set of 4 year-old twins), is left behind. Her husband passed away due to flu complications and we would like to shower this family with God’s Love.

How can you help if you are a mom, single, or male or female? You can help by donating a frozen meal to this family. We’re accepting donations for several weeks to pack as much love as we can into their freezer. We will have the drop off times and dates as soon as we get more information, but pray for this family and pray how your food can impact others. Contact if you would like to donate a frozen main dish casserole or food gift cards.

**If you’re preparing a casserole, please wrap unbaked casserole tightly in heavy-duty foil or double wrap in regular foil. Label the following on the foil with a sharpie marker-

Your casserole name, Directions: Thaw 24 hours, your baking time (please add 15 minutes to the original recipe time)

TIP: If you are making more than one casserole for your freezer, what I like to call double bubble, you need to maximize your space. If you’re not using prex lidded baking dishes to freeze, then you need a method for keeping those precious casseroles from collapsing. I use either a small cooling rack (dollar store racks work great) or a flexible chopping board in between the aluminum pans. This allows them to freeze solid without a lid and you can slide it out once it’s frozen. Just make sure your foil is heavy-duty or you’ve double wrapped with regular foil.

Use this method if you are freezer cooking with a group and you’re transporting your casseroles home. Hey, what a great idea, cook and have a play date with one or two friends and make food for your family and others. Did you know we also serve the Steadfast home in Asheville, a women and children’s shelter once a month. We’d love to have your help this month.

Have you ever cook and played?

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