Healthy Nachos and Cheese {It’s Nacho average cheese sauce!}

easy cheese sauce (1)You’ve heard me say my two sons play baseball three to four times a week. They are around a lot of unhealthy nachos and cheese. Lately I’ve made a lot of nacho average cheese sauce (I had to insert the pun on words).

caleb play ball

Seriously, my boys love unhealthy nacho cheese from a wholesale club #10 can that costs $6. I used to buy it for youth events and I’ve seen the long list of ingredients. Yes, I’ll let my boys have it every now and then, but when we’re at the ball park every week for several months, it costs too much and it’s too unhealthy. This Momma has a limit. So, I make the pinky promise to make homemade cheese sauce when we get home. It takes a whole 5 minutes to make from scratch. I can make a large enough batch to last two days and they are happy until they see the next kid at the ball park with can nacho cheese dip and chips. Pinky promise again :) We also make our own kettle corn and carry it in lunch bags  to the ball park for a snack. It comes in handy when you’re there for four hours.

My homemade cheese sauce is not your average kind because I make it with real butter, white whole wheat flour and real sharp cheddar cheese and milk. I add a dash of seasonings and my boys are perfectly content.

I hope you can use this easy healthy cheese sauce on everything like we do, including crock pot baked potatoes, tortilla chips and tacos. Consider adding diced tomatoes, rotel or green chilis to kick it up into queso. Or play around with your cheese types and try Monteray Jack with jalepenos or Colby Jack. Goodness, I need to take my words of advice and try varying my own recipe more ways. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite way to have cheese sauce?

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