Healthy Heart Biscuits {Valentine Mission Meal}

Ask my kiddos where they ate for Valentine’s Day and they will respond with the homeless shelter. Yes, our monthly mission meal date fell on our special love day. And what a way to say, “I love You,” by sharing God’s love with the less fortunate. I’m so thankful we were able to spread joy to these women and children without a husband. We shared the husband of all husbands, God the Father. The more I pondered about this day, the more excited I got.

I prepared a menu with healthier homemade heart shaped biscuits {made at the shelter}, various cuts of breakfast meat {fried at the shelter by my husband}, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and scrambled eggs {brought by another mission minded mom}. The women kept coming in to smell the country ham and bacon and see homemade biscuits being made. It was special to them since they were used to commercial pasta meals night after night. I always keep this in mind when preparing their menu.

The ladies and kids were thrilled with their special night of homemade cards from my toddler son and breakfast for dinner. In retrospect, I wished I had contacted a local florist and had some roses/flowers to give out. I’m keeping this in mind for next year. It was a fantastic experience for my children to be reminded not everyone receives flowers, chocolate and cards.

Sometimes all it takes is a special cookie cutter to show God’s love.


Remember God’s love is shared in all sorts of ways.

Have you shown God’s love lately? If so, how? We’d love to hear about it.

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