Healthier Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix with Coconut Oil


Our coconut oil is going with us on vacay and it’s not in sunscreen form. It’s completely edible in our Tropical Traditions oil that I melted to use in my kiddos favorite snack mix, microwave Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix that I’ve been making for a couple of years now, since my kids are addicted cheddar bunnies. However, I’ve learned to ration out one box to two large batches of the cheddar bunny mix.


I was out of butter, which I usually use and got the bright idea to use my coconut oil. Why haven’t I thought of that healthy alternative before? My cheddar bunny snack mix just got healthier!

This will accompany my freezer vacation menu, along with many other items, which I’ll post on Friday, stay tuned for all the pics.

Do you plan your healthy snacks or meals for vacations?

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