Halloween Buffet Ideas


My Foods 1 class had a spooktacular buffet for Halloween and I wanted to share their creative ideas that they found themselves and created in the kitchen. I really enjoy teaching students again :)

I’ve linked up the original recipe for your own Halloween Buffet experience. Enjoy making memories. I played Halloween music on Pandora and we five jack o’ lantern lights and glow rings and earrings. I want them to remember foods as a fun class while they learn.

Here’s an amazing table creation created by kids!



Boolicious Pizza

ghost pizza

Bloody Cupcakes

bloody cupcakes

Spider Brownies (they used a muffin tin)

spider brownie

Pumpkin Pie Cheese Appetizers

pumpkin pie cheese

Mummy Pizza

mummySpider Cookies (their’s turned into a spider cookie cake because hey, they are kids)

spider cookie

Spooky Chicken Fingers {they fried instead of baked}


Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas


I was very proud of my high school students who not only made the recipe, but designed their own table centerpieces and decorations. Some really went way over board and did an awesome job.

I hope you’ll check out all their ideas and inspiration at our class blog, Cougar Kitchen. We stay super busy cooking up creations.

Do you have any favorite Halloween recipes to share? Be sure to link them in the comments.


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