Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

grilled veggie quesadilla

This is my favorite way to utilize garden veges plus beat the heat from oven cooking. I first grill the veges which can be done the day before as a side dish. We use a grill basket, but foil or sauteed stove-top veggies. work too.  Here’s a secret tip to indoor sauteing. If you want it to taste grilled. Try adding a teaspoon of liquid smoke (found in the BBQ section). It will really infuse a smoky flavor into your food.

This is the perfect second day use for leftover veggies with a fresh tortilla, either homemade or store-bought. I like to pile on the veggie on side side and add fresh goat cheese. We’re blessed with a variety of cheese from our local source, Looking Glass Creamery. We love the chiptole goat cheese inside. I’m sure store-bought feta or an Italian or Mexican blend changes the flavors and makes it just as delicious.

Grill the torilla on medium to medium low until both sides of tortilla are slightly toasted and the cheese begins to melt. Serve it with slices of avocado if desired.

This is one tasty way to clean out the produce drawer and never miss the meat.

How are you using up your summer produce?


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      I used an outdoor grill, but an indoor grill or griddle would work too. Love these on homemade flat bread or homemade tortillas. The shoebox recipe makes a whole lot to freeze. I’m making these this week.

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