Grilled Tilapia


Did you know the American Heart Association recommends eating fish twice a week? Here’s a healthy delicious way to increase your intake of fish. I buy ours flash frozen, wrapped individually, for quick thaw. This is a frozen meal that comes together in 15 minutes. You can thaw the frozen packets in cold water for five to ten minutes if you forgot to thaw overnight.


We like to sprinkle a small amount of cornmeal, but this is optional. It does cause children to believe it might be fried, when it’s really grilled. Any all-purpose seasoning will work too, but we like to sprinkle a bit of creole on both sides. We’re less liberal with the childrens. I apologize for this is not an exact measuring recipe. We’ve made it this way for years and it just takes about five minutes to prep for the grill and ten minutes or less to grill. After you open the packets of tilapia (feel free to use fresh-even better), drizzle with olive oil and lightly sprinkle with cornmeal and your choice of seasoning. Flip the tilapia and repeat on the other side. We used to place this on a piece of foil, but I found this open grill pan on clearance and it works fantastic for fish and vegetables. I like the way it toasted the cornmeal ever so slightly. Foil works well, too. Non-stick is even better. We used this method for years.


Grill on a medium high heat three to four minutes per side, until fish flakes easily with fork. We grill sliced red peppers and onions drizzled with olive oil alongside ours and serve it on top.


I prepare a spinach salad and reheat thawed twice baked potatoes from the freezer to enjoy with it. It’s a another meal from the freezer prepared in 15 minutes.

Do you have any 15 minute meals to share? This is linked to Favorite Fish Swap for more ideas.

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