Grilled Taco Pizza

taco pizzaTurns out this grilled taco pizza is a real winner at the Vacation Bible School Hospitality room. If you help with VBS and don’t have a hospitality room for workers, you might consider starting one. People sign up for a day to bring a snack to share and it turns out to be one huge pot luck.

On this particular night, I decided to take two grilled taco pizzas. I found a new way to grill pizza, in addition to the individual grilled flatbread size. It’s the same dough recipe, just a different way to make a family size and quicker prep.  For this grilling task, I preheated the grill to high and then turned down the flame to medium. I didn’t want to run the risk of breaking my stone, so there was no flame touching the stone.

I used the shoe box dough recipe and made a 9×13 rectangle right on the stone. I also made a circular one, not pictured. It takes about 5-7 minutes to grill one side on the stone, with the grill lid closed. Then I flip the pizza dough, top it with what I have on hand, which happened to be leftover crock pot taco meat with black beans and corn and shredded cheese. It worked perfectly. The stone, covered with foil, kept the pizza warm until we got to church. Guess what? Topped with salsa and sour cream, grilled taco pizza was the first food to go in the hospitality room.

Try this grilling method if you need a grilled pizza in fifteen minutes.

Have you tried grilled pizza?

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