Grilled Sweet Potato Fries (Pre-Cook using Crock Pot)

I got a jump start on my fries with my crock pot. Click here for directions. Otherwise, I might have been grilling for forty minutes instead of ten. Did I just save thirty minutes of precious family time? Why yes I did!

I’m addicted to crockin’ my potatoes; russett, sweet, I’ll try it in my slow cooker to save myself time over the stove. I love how a crock pot does the work for you while you’re away having fun with the kiddos. I stuck these washed sweet potatoes in my fast cooking pot for about four hours. Mine gets super hot so you’ll have to do your own experimenting.

Since I planned grilling fries, I cooked only until soft, not mushy. Then I slice into sticks and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. I’ve used a more savory seasoning on a picnic here, but I made it simple this time.

I simply spray a piece of heavy-duty foil or there’s a new non-stick kind as well. The fries lay on top and wait until they slightly brown on medium high heat. This is finicky too if you’re grill is older or has hot spots, so keep an eye on your fries.

Wait for it to brown or get a little charred is tasty too. They don’t taste burnt, just toasty. Kids will eat them right up.

Flip and repeat. Make sure you have a single layer and don’t pile them high. I made two batches to have extra the next day. They aren’t crispy, but they have a sweet flavor and soft texture and we like them as leftovers.

Try it plain, dipped in ketchup or homemade ranch. If fries aren’t your thing, check out my quick tips on baked sweet taters in the microwave.

How do you like your sweet potato fries?

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  1. Ben the Crock Pot King

    Hi Jackie,

    It’s nice to see a sister in Christ doing what she can do for the Lord & the needy!!!

    I’ll definitely spread the word! on the recipe. Let me know if you have any tips for freezing but from a crock pot point of view.


    I’ve already book marked your post.

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