Grilled Southwest Pork Chops Using Freezer Rub

We’re still grilling up freezer favorites this time of year. I had three huge center cut pork chops from our Hickory Nut CSA this month. At first, I had intentions of butterflying them and having six pork chops among us. Then I realized they were not boneless and this is what they looked like once I butterflied almost through. I heavily seasoned and rubbed each chop with our favorite freezer southwest rub which I made in March! It’s still freshly sealed on the side door of my freezer in a quart size bag. I use it for everything from chicken to pork, steak and simple meals like Southwest Steak Sandwiches.

Other items I’ve seasoned with southwest rub:

This meal came together nicely with another grilled addition, cheesy potato skins. I added a simple spinach salad and our meal was complete and easy using two freezer items.

Click here for the easy southwest seasoning which I quadrupled and stowed in my freezer. It can be rubbed on prior to freezing meats or after it’s thawed, you choose. You’ll find many uses for it just as we do!

Have you tried the southwest rub?



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