Grilled Flatbread Pizza

Imagine the response when I say we’re having pizza at the campground. Kids get all excited because kids LOVE pizza no matter what location.


I take the following on a camping trip: pepperoni, bulk cheese, crock pot marinara and frozen naan to make this easy grilled pizza. You can do this with whole wheat pitas, too. I love homemade naan, though. I make it in batches of fifteen to eighteen when I use this recipe.

First, I cut a piece of foil for a clean working surface when I’m outside.  I spread the homemade sauce on one side. I like to place the pepperoni under the cheese. I sprinkle Italian seasoning on top (basil and oregano will work too).

0616011809.jpg 0616011813.jpg

I carefully place the pizzas on on the grill and close to melt the cheese and crisp the flatbread.


You have to watch it closely if your flame is too high or the grill is too hot. Watch those hot spots and don’t let your bread burn if you can help it. Crispy is good though. It tastes like authentic brick flatbread.

I cut mine with a pizza wheel and serve it to the family and watch them smile.



I make mine with Italian grilled veges I made prior to grilled pizza (recipe coming tomorrow).


Like I said, grilled perfection: crispy, not burnt, tasty and delicious at the campground or your backyard or deck, whichever you prefer.


Why not host a grilled pizza party and let everyone make their own individual pizzas. You’ll be the talk of the town. What pizza toppings do you like?

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