Grilled Convenience Chicken


If you plan ahead, you can have healthy preservative-free chicken slices for multiple meals in the future. Tonight I planned chicken fajitas for dinner. Rather than thawing one bag, I thawed two marinated bags of chicken fajita in my thawing box overnight. Check out the recipe here.

Hubbie grills round one and I immediately cover it with foil to seal in the juices and keep it moist. Do NOT overcook  if you plan to make convenience chicken with the leftovers. It’s best to take it off the grill immediately and cover to keep it moist.


Then I slice it our grilled peppers and onions and we have chicken fajitas for dinner.


But wait there’s more chicken. I slice the remaining chicken and prepare my freezer quart size bags for the freezer. See the remaining juices in the bottom of the serving dish. Pour this over your sliced chicken to keep it moist.

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Label and date the bags with “fajita chicken. I write “cooked fajita chicken” on my freezer inventory so I know this is an easy way to have a griiled chicken salad, tacos, taco pizza, chicken with frozen pasta, chicken enchiladas or chicken pizza, or chicken braid.

Place the chicken in one or two cup portions for future meals. I like one cup portions because they thaw quickly if I want to make something on the whim, like quesadillas.

You can always add frozen black beans and corn if you need to stretch your meat. It’s a great moneysaver. Try the combo on salads. It’s delicious. Moms, grilled convenience chicken is great way to implement healthy lunches. Thaw a bag in the morning and serve it on a wrap. Our kids like to dip their strips in honey mustard for lunch or dinner.

I like to have a variety of flavors of grilled chicken. Try Chicken Fajita, Italian chicken or Asian Honey chicken marinade and make grilled convenience chicken. Grilled or boiled convenience chicken is a freezer staple! It will help you create a meal in 15-minutes or less.

Of course,  you can always throw a ministry meal together with this chicken. What would you make with  grilled convenience chicken?

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  1. rebecca

    So you freeze the chicken in the marinade, thaw it, cook it, and refreeze it? That doesn’t change the quality of the meat?

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