Grilled Asian Honey Chicken Kabobs


Spring weather means grilling time! Last week, I marinated 50 pounds of chicken for grilling  four batches of parmesan chicken. It took me about five hours broken into two days, but it averaged out to 12 minutes per meal because I have twenty-four quick meals, ready to go.

Six of my bags were made into Asian Honey Chicken Kabobs. I thaw the bag my shoebox over night.

The chicken was thawing in the marinade. All I had to do was thread my favorite veges on the skewer. Tonight, I placed red pepper and onion in between the chicken cubes.

These are grilled until the juices run clear. Be careful not to over cook kabobs or they will be dry.


I served mine over a bed of brown rice from the freezer. I double and freeze all my brown rice and pasta for future meals. It saves me time in the long run and gets the dinner on the table quicker. I warm the thawed rice or pasta on 50% power  for five minutes and then warm again on high for an additional three to five minutes.

Asian Honey Sesame Chicken Marinade


2 ½ pounds chicken pieces

½  c. soy sauce

2 T. canola or vegetable oil

2 T. sesame oil

3 T. honey

Kitchen Tip: spray measuring spoon with cooking spray and honey will easily slide out

1 T. sesame seeds

2 garlic cloves, minced

¼  tsp. ginger


Cut into 2-3 inch chicken squares and divide between two freezer bags.  Combine all the marinade ingredients and mix well to distribute honey.  Divide marinade between two bags of chicken.  Squeeze air out and seal.

See the freezing tutorial here. This would be delicious for beef or pork kabobs as well. Happy Spring. This is linked to It’s a Keeper Recipes, Finer Things Friday and Life as Mom.

Have you ever marinated meats and frozen them for quick meals?


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  1. Cherry

    Visiting from Tasty Tuesday … love your blog, and the ideas for freezer cooking and also using it as a ministry! Will be back to read more of your recipes … thanks for sharing!

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