Green Freezer Cooking: Aluminum Pans

Often times, you’ll find me hand-washing disposable aluminum pans. Why would I wash disposables? There are several reasons:

  • It’s frugal
  • It’s earth-friendly
  • It’s good stewardship

Frugal: Washing the pans saves money. I recommend rewashing several times if the pans are heavier duty and not bending while you wash. When our ministry provides a salad in an aluminum pan we can save our money for future fresh ingredients by re-washing our pan each time and reusing it. It’s just salad ingredients! Okay so you may have to soak and scrub a manicotti pan once in a while, but think of the money you’re saving.
Earth-friendly: It saves our planet from excessive waste in the land fills when we practice reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. When the pans are not worthy or re-baking they should be recycled.
Good Stewardship: God provides all of our needs and many of our wants. When we receive a meal in an aluminum tray, why not re-gift someone else and keep the tray moving. We are practicing good stewardship of our finances when we try to use the pans as frequently as possible.
What’s my favorite aluminum pan for freezer cooking?
I purchase a bulk amount, 30 steam pans, from Sams club. They are 6.98 for the lot. I like to use heavy duty foil or double wrap standard foil over the top. These are inexpensive pans without lids to give away to someone in need.



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