Grateful for a Thawing Box

This Gratituesday, I’m am grateful for a simple plastic shoe box.


Do you see those juices inside this grocery bag? This was three bags of chicken fajita meat thawing in my refrigerator. At first, I was going to throw the grocery bag inside my fridge and forget about it until the next day.


Thankfully, I decided to place it inside my thawing box, which is a plastic 6 quart shoe box I use daily, to thaw meats inside my refrigerator. I’m so grateful I did because all of that juice that leaked out from the freezer bags (pictured above in the grocery bag) would have leaked inside my refrigerator. OH HAVOC! Do you think something like this has happened to me before???

When you freeze name brand freezer bags, (Ziploc and Glad), they still have the tendancy to get a pin hole or burst if you’ve filled it too much or the seal minutely remains open during the freezing process or have a manufacturer defect. This is why you should always, always use a thawing box as you thaw your meats for 24 hours. Your refrigerator will sing praises and you will too. Girls, I sang praises and thanked God He gave me wisdom to stick those bags in a box.

It takes 3 seconds and it costs $1 at your local dollar store, Wal-Mart or Target. Go and get one right now. It works well for thawing small meat trays too. It’s takes up less space in the refrigerator than a dinner plate and meat will not hang over the sides.

Have I convinced you to purchase a thawing box?

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