Got Pretzels? Pretzel Recipes

Some of you know my husband is a middle school teacher and sometimes he’s given odd things. Odd things are good, when it’s pretzels. A student’s parent works for a chip company and gave him these three bags of Halloween pretzels. Initially I thought, “My kids are going to have plenty of pretzels for their lunches.” Then my creative juices started flowing and I found some pretty great ideas for these pretzels. I’m going to put these to use with some other pantry items and have some fun.

Here are some ideas for you if you get a big bag from someone:) or you want to pick up a bag at the store.

This pretzel berry dessert  looks amazing and I’m definitely incorporating this into next week’s dessert.

I’m also going to make some pretzel desserts similar to these pretzel turtles, but I’m going to use a Hershey kiss, which I already have on hand and put a Christmas m&m on top. I’ll use her baking instructions though.

If I have any extra pretzels, I’ll add them to my homemade chex mix for a snack while the kids are out of school. Colby and I just devoured a simple trail mix with pretzels, cheddar bunnies and dry roasted almonds.

I found another cute idea making snowflake pretzels with pretzel rods, but I only have the twist kind, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

One last cute idea I might have to break down and buy pretzels for this. I will need some white chocolate or white bark to make a pretzel wreath.

Bottom line: use what you have and use it creatively; that’s what I strive for.

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